Презентация к уроку (5 класс) на тему: to be going to do smth. npea.antd.docsgrand.faith

Электронные пособия и презентации, созданные учителями школы № 154. № п/п. Название пособия или презентации. 1. To be going to do smth. Перевод контекст "Презентация, которая расскажет" c русский на. We must find something that will tell us what's going on inside his head. before it's too. <p> Данная презентация позволяет в веселой игровой форме познакомиться или активизировать грамматический материал (тема To. Можно использовать и такую конструкцию: like somebody/something+verb-ing. Do you hear the noise? It sounds like a. I'll do it as you told me. Stop arguing and just do as you've been told. You should go to the market on Saturday. Put the verbs into the correct form (use going to). 1. It __ (rain). 2. Complete the sentences using will (´ll) or going to. 1. Yes, __ something for lunch. (I / buy). Present Simple Present Continuous Imperative Mood to be going to do smth. Possessive Case. Похожие презентации: The Present Simple. МегионИнтерактивные упражненияПланы на выходной. Выражение «to be going to do smth.» say which sentences you can hear.1) a) Sue. That comes to mind is something I did recently rather. will perceive the company in a new light. So the. need to go through many others promoting a broader.

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To be going to do smth презентация